November Twenty-one

Saturday is a  sleeping day.
Not anymore.

Every Saturday morning, I have ROTC, which is a requirement in the PI to graduate college. RO (what we call it for short) begins at 7 am bright and early. How thrilling! (sarcasm intended)
Today, however, I was out of the dorm by 5:50 am because I practiced frisbee with some classmates in preparation for intramurals on the first week of December. Around 6:50, an hour later, JK and I stepped out and had egg sandwiches before walking together to the field where we have RO.
To my surprise, our old company commander was back, which was good news because he was our favorite. But other than that, same old, same old. We take commands from our company commander and do the National Anthem and pledge of allegiance, then wait around until they dismiss us to go to the band room.

AA was still so cold toward me. Not just me, to us all. Honestly, I was still kind of hoping that she would have a change of heart and talk or even say hi to me but, nope. She has the capacity to say certain people are immature but can’t even see that her actions are even worse. I will not approach her anymore. At least, not for now. I gave her another chance during that last talk, hoping that that would be the last. But again, she turned a cold shoulder toward me out of nowhere. The next thing I hear, she doesn’t like me anymore because, “samok na kaayo.”(“so annoying already”) Okay? That is how cheap our friendship is to her, that’s how worthless I am to her. I knew I couldn’t do it anymore. You can’t push yourself on someone who has already decided that she doesn’t like you.
I am not angry. I am hurt, yes. But I still pray for her. I pray that she will stay strong in this season of her life. I pray that her heart would not harden. I pray that she would have peace. I pray that she would not treat any of her new found friends the same way she treated me. Surely, God has a reason for bringing her into my life. Although I can’t really see the good in it yet, I am assured that our friendship has a part in the bigger picture.

Anyway, we went to band rehearsal and it ended quickly. It was KJ’s birthday today so we took pictures. We stopped by a convenience store where everyone had breakfast then went back to the field and waited to be dismissed. Then JK, KJ, AD, GD and I got on a pedicab to go to Robinsons, where we would celebrate KJ’s birthday.
I met up with VY when we were there and told the rest of the group to go ahead to eat. VY and I bought a cake from Sans Rival to surprise KJ. It was fun because we were circling the mall trying to find a lighter for the candles and we even asked a few guards to help us. Finally, we went to the restaurant and lit the candles outside the door and as soon as we walked in and started singing happy birthday, KJ walked out! It was a blooper. She had to withdraw money. We waited for her to come back and sang happy birthday, and all the workers in the restaurant clapped and sang along.
WE ATE SO MUCH. KJ ordered a feast good for ten people but there were only six of us. whoo! It was great. I ate so much. Plus the cake. Haha. It was a great time. After that, we parted ways and I went to school with VY and AD.
*I’m getting lazy so I’m just going to summarize the rest of my day through bullet points. I’m not good at blogging, haha.

  • Was oriented for my station in my college amazing race.
  • Waited around for an hour until one of the teams reached my station
  • Met two pretty chill Fine Arts students
  • Walked home with AF.
  • Took a nap.
  • Didn’t bother to eat dinner.
  • Now writing this.

That’s a wrap for my Saturday! I enjoyed it, for the most part. Looking forward to tomorrow because it’s Sunday! Thank you Lord.

Goodnight Earthlings 🙂


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