What is she thankful for?

Encoded from a written journal entry on November 25, 2015. 

In two days, it will be Thanksgiving day back in the United States. However, since I find myself in solitude this evening, I will tell you what I am thankful for, particularly:

The boundless grace given through a Savior that I am beyond undeserving of.
The Parents who guide and provide so tenderly, never pressuring me to be someone I’m not and nurturing the person I am inside.
The Brother who reminds me that I am never alone in life.
The Aunt and Uncle who show endless love and support even from afar.
The Boy who has caused my heart so much pain and longing, yet somehow inspires me simultaneously.
The school that allows me to pursue what I love and expand my knowledge and education.
The art of music and how it has kept me through every season of life.
The new found friendships I’ve experienced this year.
The girl who gave me company and friendship; then threw me aside. The girl who taught me to love more deeply even when you don’t get it back.
The moments of complete loneliness and solitude, the moments where I am able to more clearly see myself and seek my Creator.
The moments of joy and laughter, with companions; or even alone.
The feeling of missing a person or a place or a particular moment, and the feeling of being missed in return.
The voice I can sing and speak and express with.
The ears I use to hear and listen to the whispers and shouts of life.
The different food I have around me and in front of me each day.
This moment. This very season of life. SO much is still uncertain, but He has already brought me out of the pit. Only the best is yet to come. 2015 is almost over. Here we go…



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