October Fifteen Twenty Sixteen

These days, I’ve only really felt compelled to write on special occasions, or when I’m feeling particularly emotional. But today is a normal day, and I just happen to have extra time on my hands, since it is semestral break. I haven’t written on this blog at all this year!
The first semester of my second year is over. And I thought first year went by fast! I don’t think the years ever start slowing down. I once asked my dad, who is well experienced in life at sixty years old, if the the years get faster and faster as you get older. Because, since I turned sixteen, every year seems to accelerate. As always, he replied bluntly, with a “nope, not really.” I guess, maybe it depends on the events that transpire year by year. In my case, there have been several life-altering things that have happened, so I guess that’s what causes the apparent acceleration.
This semester has been relatively uneventful compared to my first year. I think a lot of it, I’ve felt more in tune with my college and the people there. Although there have been issues and some hard feelings toward some people, I’ve really seen, felt, and experienced that my department is really a family. However, there is still the burden that there is a division between the three departments. But that is an issue we can talk about next time, hopefully.
I’m still really excited about what God is doing in my life. That is an attitude that I’m trying to keep in every circumstance and season. I know God is constantly working, so I must keep myself in a position to be molded and go with His plan in my life. I still have 3-ish more years of college, and I know God can do so much through me in that time. There is no other thing that gives me more comfort than knowing that my life is in His hands. That’s the point I really want to make through my life. and I guess, through this post since I really have no direction. Just “yawyaw” as we would say in Bisaya. Hehe.
This sembreak, I’m just hoping to rest, relax, help around the house, practice more piano and clarinet, bond with my family, and prepare myself for this upcoming semester.
I’ll try to write more. I can’t promise, but I’ll try!
~over and out~


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