About Me



I am Sarah Faye. The “A.D.” in my blog name is an abbreviation of my middle and last name. I am an twenty year old native to the Philippines, but I grew up in the magnificent city of San Diego, California. I also spent a short time living in Los Angeles, then Zamboanga City. I now temporarily reside in Dumaguete City as a student.

As I write this bio, there’s a lot of things I want to explain you, reader. I have a strong urge to just tell you my whole life story. But I will withdraw, for now.

I will just leave you with this: My life is a beautiful masterpiece under construction by God. There are multitudes of chapters that have yet to be written, so I’ve decided to start this blog and document them.

So without further ado: welcome to my blog, a digital portal into the depths of my mind. Happy reading!


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